Yoga Therapy – Private Consultation

All of our sessions are taught on a one-on-one basis, unless there is a specific reason for teaching in a group setting. Instructing on a private basis allows us as Yoga Therapists to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, which will then allow us to plan specifically for your needs.
Once we understand your needs, we develop a personalized home practice that may include some of the following tools:
•    counselling
•    conscious and mindful breathing
•    appropriately sequenced and individualized physical movements
•    meditative practices
•    visualization
•    use of sound and mantra
•    dream yoga
•    guided relaxation & yoga nidra
A typical first consultation and yoga session lasts 90 minutes.

Initial Consultation includes:
•    Intake: Inquiring and assessing student’s health history, current treatments and medications, current physical, mental and emotional condition, and student’s health and wellness goals.
•    Yoga Practice: Each practice is tailored to suit your specific needs, capabilities, goals, and life circumstances. We will then teach you this personal practice.
•    Take Home: Students will be provided an accompanying diagram of the practice to be done at home.
•    Follow-Up Sessions: All throughout this process, you are strongly encouraged to check in the teacher with any questions, concerns or personal feedback. Depending on your needs, follow up sessions may be necessary in order to revise and update your personal practice. As you change, so must the practice.
Private sessions are by appointment only.
So please call or email for a consultation.